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Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows

December 7, 2015
Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows

Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows

Anyone considering replacement windows will need to make a decision as to whether they want single or double hung windows.

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window works only in one way. The top window is fixed and the bottom window can be moved up and down. Visually, this means that when the bottom window is raised, the top pane of glass is crossed by the framing of the bottom window, reducing your field of vision. Single hung windows are less expensive than double hung windows. They are, however, much more difficult to clean as the windows do not tilt, so they must be washed from the outside. Additionally, as heat rises, loss of the ability to lower the top portion of the window reduces access to the most efficient airflow. In conditions of extreme humidity such as bathrooms, this loss of airflow can lead to mold and mildew damage.

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window works in two ways, because both windows can be moved up or down and both can be tilted to increase air flow. This means that the user can put physics to work for them by increasing airflow at the top of the windows, where the heat lingers. Also, by moving both the top and bottom window to the same height, you can keep a clean visual field for viewing out your windows while enjoying maximum air flow. In addition, the tilting action makes cleaning these windows a breeze. No ladders or buckets are necessary once these windows have been installed; simply tilt them in and wash from the inside.


Installing replacement windows will greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, cut down on outside noise and reduce your utility bills. Either single hung windows or double hung will give the homeowner a great benefit. However, investing in double hung windows will ultimately provide better ventilation, easier maintenance, and a clearer field of vision.

Cost Helper

While double-hung may cost more up front, in the long run, the added features for security and maintenance could save you greatly.  There are a lot cost saving offers offered to homeowners who install energy efficient windows such as rebates from the government and utility companies making your cost concerns a little easier to appease.