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Five Reasons To Use A Replacement Window Installation Expert

November 2, 2015
Five Reasons To Use A Replacement Window Installation Expert

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Your home windows are one of the main elements of your home that is worth investing money in, either to upgrade or replace.  Their unique and obvious features set each house apart and add value.  Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, there’s always the right and wrong way to do something.  But if you are to hire someone or a company to install your windows, we advise you to hire someone with expertise in replacement windows on your next project.  Why?

Expert Experience

Like any occupation and particular skill set, replacement windows professionals are not regular contractors.  Over the years the technology for house windows have advanced and so have the skills to install them correctly to be within the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Some manufacturer will deny your warranty if it was not installed correctly.  Hiring a professional replacement windows contractor or company will insure your windows will be what you would like it to be, done right.  You don’t want a general contractor or a handyman in this instance, chances are it will be installed but would you really know if it was not installed correctly?  You will if a year down the road, or a heavy wind or storm convinces you otherwise.  By then it’s too late.

Quality Workmanship

Experience is one thing but quality products and services is another.  You want to have the best product and installation.  An expert will recommend and sell you the perfect window for your home based on your preferences and or situation.  You will get the best product and service based on what you need and want.  The quality workmanship comes only after the best product and installation was completed based on your agreement with the professional or company you hired.

Manufacturer Warranty

Most windows are manufactured by big companies and the sales and installation are done by your local or regional windows company, they don’t manufacturer the windows so they are really not the one providing the warranty of the windows themselves.  If you hire a good reputable windows company for the windows and installation, most likely they will back up the warranty on the installation and the manufacture will back the warranty on the physical windows.  This scenario is common in most cases.  So it’s important to do it right and hire a good or great windows company that will back up the service and installation and the windows they sold you will be guaranteed by the manufacturer with the windows company or expert re-installing it in the event you needed the warranty.

Liability Insurance

Another important and overlooked aspect of having an expert install your home windows is if they carry liability insurance or not.  The experts should have it to ensure and protect your property in the event something gets damaged or someone gets hurt.  Larger and more reputable window companies carry liability insurance and take care of their own employees in case something does goes wrong.  You should ask your window contractor or company to provide their insurance information before you start work on your project.

Working References

Ask for work references, and check them!  Simply ask your contractor or windows company to provide references before starting the work.  Check them, call them and verify if it’s true.  This will save you tons of heartache later if something went wrong, but if you did your due diligence, anyone with great references should not put you in a situation to regret your decision to work with them.

Finally, if you hire a professional window installer who has advance skills and knowledge of his products that he installs; you will have experience great service and great looking windows after.  From quoting you the cost of the whole project to leaving the project site nice and clean; you will have done the right thing by hiring the right expert to enjoy your new windows.