Hurricane Windows Houston

radar image of hurricane

Hurricane windows are made up of glass that is impact-resistant and are surrounded by a frame that is heavy-duty and fastened in a secure way to the interior window’s frame and header. These windows, as their name suggests, are made this way to keep the dangerous hurricane winds as well as debris from entering the house. This idea of having shatter-resistant windows being used in homes borrows heavily from the automotive field where for many years the laminated automotive glass have always been used to shield the occupants of a vehicle from winds and other dangers. Hurricane impact windows in Houston have been found to be the only sure way of protecting houses from damages that are caused by wind entry into the house as they deflect it and drive it round the building. This is one of the measures that have been enacted for all upcoming buildings in hurricane-prone zones. Existing buildings in Houston, Texas are also expected to replace their standard conventional windows with the high-quality hurricane replacement windows.

Hurricane Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are easily distinguished from new construction windows primarily on the installation methods used to install them. These hurricane replacement windows are installed in the same window opening and in some instances the original wooden frame is usually left intact. This greatly reduces the amount of work carried out during the process of replacing the normal windows with hurricane windows that are capable of keeping the hurricane winds at bay.

The replacement windows also come with similar options like the ones construction windows that are new come with for the buyer. It is possible for you to choose the type of materials that the window is made from, the functionality and appearance of the replacement windows depending on your preferences. However, it is important to ensure that these windows are constructed well and that the hurricane windows Houston manufacturer will offer the exact warranty they offer on their windows.

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

  • Burglary and 24-Hr Hurricane Protection – Installing the replacement windows in place of the conventional glass ensures that your house is guaranteed of a 24-hour protection from the dangerous hurricane winds. They also help you avoid the hassle involved in putting up and removing storm panels from the windows every now and then. These windows not only protect you from hurricanes but also from burglaries. Hurricane windows manufacturers built these windows with an interlayer of PVB that is sealed between the two layers of glasses making it difficult to break in.
  • Insurance Premium Discount – Insurance companies recognize the effectiveness of the hurricane protective systems and thus offer premium discounts to policyholders. These type of windows usually reduce the risk of the house being affected by hurricanes and hence the discounts. However, the discounts are dependent on whether all the windows are made from this type of replacement windows.
  • Reliable Warranty – These replacement windows have the hidden advantage of bringing you peace of mind knowing that your home is well protected from the extremes that a hurricane can bring upon your home. This is the reason most hurricane window manufacturers offer long warranty periods as they are confident about the effectiveness of their products.
  • Energy-efficiency – When the hurricane windows are installed in a home, they largely lead to a drop in the home’s utility bills. These windows are made up of panes that are double glazed which largely contribute to the high energy efficiency of such windows. They also offer large panoramic views without increasing the utility bill as it is the norm with this architectural trend. These impact windows have great insulating capabilities that keep the interior of the house free from the weather changes outside.