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Impact Windows Houston

Impact windows plays an important role in securing your home against hurricanes in Houston, but just what are impact windows? These specially engineered window encase two panes in reinforced steel or aluminum frames that fit in your home as easily as regular windows. They’re designed to stop hurricane force winds as they strike. Homeowners looking for first-rate protection of their home should know that these windows are the best option available. The strength of the windows is the secret to their success.

Impact windows in Houston uses only outstanding units for every area of the house. We work with new construction to install impact windows in new construction and replacement impact windows in existing homes. The framing elements in the window design give it serious strength. Impact force windows resist gale force winds and the debris from high wind storms. To live on the coast, you must face the problem that hurricane force winds create for homes and devise a strategy. Impact force windows are an option you need to consider.

Benefits of Impact Windowsstorm windows units

  1. Provides around the clock hurricane protection
  2. Gives you security from theft or break-in
  3. Eliminates the need for board-ups, hurricane panels and the related cost.
  4. Improves the energy efficiency of your home. The double-glazing quality of our windows also insulates the room. Single pane windows allow heat and cold to transfer from outside.
  5. Double pane windows stop heat and cold transfer from occurring. This saves energy.
  6. Our windows allow more area of window space because there’s no heat transfer to make large windows impractical. If you like floor to ceiling windows, it’s possible with our windows.
  7. You receive insurance policy discounts for using windows that stop hurricanes or would-be burglars. Usually it’s a significant discount.
  8. Our windows increase the life expectancy of your home. These rock solid windows also help your home have a longer life by increasing the number of quality materials used in the home.
  9. Double pane windows also improve the over all environment of your home by reducing the amount of noise pollution you must suffer. If you live in an urban neighborhood or near a busy industrial company, double pane windows can cut the noise level.
  10. Ultra violet rays fall off by a significant percentage with the use of double pane windows.
  11. Your new windows last for years. They’re manufactured with heavy aluminum or metal frames so they’re super strong. That means you get high grade windows and the knowledge that the company will replace a faulty window.
  12. Our hurricane windows are not confined to new construction. We also offer impact replacement windows to make your current home safe from hurricanes and break-ins.  In Houston, call Entrust Windows today and get an estimate.

Good fit as a feature
The industry behind our windows create enough uniformity in size and style to allow the windows to fit any home or planned home. We can replace any window you have in your home with an impact resistant window today. Call and let us send a technician out to look at your home. Impact replacement windows are the way to go. Our windows fit in new construction too.

Great Selection
With a wide array of impact windows in Houston to choose from, we meet any demand. We feature double hung windows, sash windows, patio door casements, swing door casements, French door window casements and more. Call us today and get a quote on the window of your choice. We have representatives waiting to show you our inventory of windows that will make your home hurricane safe today.