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Best Replacement Windows for the Houston Area

Hurricane Impact Windows Houston

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Houston, Texas is subject to a wide variety of weather conditions. This includes tornados, ice storms, snowfalls, rainstorms and heat. This presents weather situations where choosing replacement windows Houston differs according to what part of the state you are living in.

People living in homes on or near the Gulf of Mexico need to install windows that will resist high wind and hurricane forces. These hurricane windows are available in high impact styles that are not only practical, and complimentary to the home, but energy saving as well.

The best types available for coastal areas are impact resistant windows or hurricane windows. These windows are available in two types identified, under testing protocol, as small missile (projectile) and PET windows. These are labels attached to glass that is tested for their resistance to heavy materials shot against them at high speed. The classification, large missile indicates that it was able to tolerate the largest amount of debris applied in the test and, therefore, is strongest.

How They Test Windows

The smaller missile test is composed of several layers of polyvinyl butyral, which is placed between two sheets of glass. The larger missile test is composed of laminated glass and glass-clad polycarbonate. Both are designed to provide 24/7 storm protection removing the need for storm panels or shutters. wwww://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com…/impactresistantwindows…

Both types undergo strict tests and designs prior to being certified by ENERGY STAR ® and The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as being impact resistant. In addition to the shooting projectiles tests, which represent wind borne debris shot through the air, there is also a pressure load testing. Federal, State and Local Codes are in place regarding mandatory installation of these windows in heavy wind danger areas.

High impact windows resist sea air, salt spray and dents, never peel, blister, corrode or flake. Both pre-painted models are available while others can be painted to match the surrounding area. Having this type of window is a great advantage in areas near the water.

Replacement windows that are more suitable for inland Houston are also double paned with insulating materials placed inside. These windows provide protection against extreme heat or cold, prevent carpet or upholstery fading, eliminate outside noise, are energy efficient, shield from harmful UV rays and come in a variety of styles.

These are the advantages to installing the best replacement windows in your home.radar image of hurricane

  • Inside home retains a comfortable temperature summer and winter
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Adds to the value of your home
  • Protects against forced entry
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Blocks the majority of UV rays
  • Impact resistant windows protect against high wind damage

Because window replacement can be expensive, there are some things you should do when shopping for replacement windows Houston.

These are:

  1. Check window certification
  2. Check warranties
  3. Comparison shop to obtain best deal
  4. Seek professional advice as to the best type window fits your situation
  5. Check out tax credits and available rebates
  6. Research the product and the manufacturer
Choosing the right windows

It is often difficult to choose the proper replacement windows for your home. When this time arrives, it is important to check out the qualities of each type offered and any warranties involved. Always make sure they have been certified. With this endorsement, you know that they have been thoroughly tested to meet the qualifications for a good window.

High impact windows are naturally more expensive than standard double pane windows, which makes it important to determine the best replacement windows needed for your location. These windows last for years and are well worth paying the price in exchange for all the benefits offered.