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Replacement Window Ratings

Replacement Windows

When should you consider installing home replacement windows? Many people are considering this question when viewing the vast amount of information available regarding the advantages of installing windows containing double or triple panes.

Some questions you might ask regarding your current situation are:

  • Do the windows rattle when the wind blows
  • Is it difficult to keep a room warm or cold
  • Can you feel cold air when placing your hand near the window pane
  • Are your utility bills out of sight
  • Are you annoyed by loud noises

Do the windows detract rather than add beauty to your home?

Any or all of the above indicates that you need to think about home replacement windows.

When considering an improvement of this magnitude it is important to check out all the details regarding the type of window you need, window ratings and replacement windows prices.

The best replacement windows are available in two-paned and three-paned models. Replacement windows costs will depend on whether you choose double or triple pane windows for your particular area of the area.

Double pane windowsWindow Energy Rating Label

  • Have two panes of glass
  • Fiberglass is the recommended frame material
  • One spacer is used to separate the glass panes
  • Are filled with argon or krypton gas to add thermal efficiency
  • Has Low-e coating on glass to keep out infrared light
  • Triple pane windows
  • Have three panes of glass with two spacers
  • Glass is heavier than used in two pane windows
  • 20-30% higher energy ratings
  • All levels are filled with argon or krypton gas
  • Fiberglass frame recommended
  • Has Low-e coating on glass to keep out infrared light

Window Ratings

The most important things to look for, when considering home replacement windows, are their various ratings. These ratings include SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), U-factors, ENERGY STAR®, and NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council).

The U-factor (U-value) shows the rate of heat loss in a window construction. A low U-factor indicates the window’s greater insulating properties. This rating is by the NFRC and covers the entire window including panes, spacers, and glazing. A U-factor of 0.30, or lower, indicates a high-performance double pane window. Triple pane windows rating can be as low as 0.15.

All programs and standards regarding window energy efficiency such as energy codes, tax credits, ENERGY STAR® and other criteria are based on certified ratings by the NFRC. Manufacturers are required to participate in this program and label their products accordingly.

SHGC indicates the fraction of solar heat that is transmitted through a window. Properly balancing this with window glass depends on the climate, shading conditions and other factions. The glass in double and triple pane windows are especially designed to increase or decrease solar heat. A double glazed window has a SHGC range of 0.42 to 0.55 (or higher). A triple glazed window has a range of 0.33 to 0.47.

Making sure your replacement windows have the proper ratings will provide assurance that you are receiving a high-quality product that has passed all tests for the very best efficiency performance.

You will find a wide range of replacement windows prices. The importance of shopping around cannot be overemphasized. In addition to finding the best windows for the most reasonable price, there is also the question of financing. From the get go, it must be realized that if a large number of windows are to be replaced it is going to be expensive.

In addition to the basic cost of the window, there will also be the cost of installation and required materials. In searching the web, the most reasonable price quoted was $475 to $575 per window, installed. Of course, that did not reveal the quality of the window involved. This shows that it is important to examine all aspects regarding replacement windows prices before making a commitment to buy.

Web sites offer hundreds of articles regarding energy efficient windows. This includes how they are constructed, how they are rated and which ones are best for your part of the country. Do not forget to check out state and utility company financing, rebates and tax credits so you can get the best deal possible.

Increasing the value of your home and the comfort of its occupants can be the result of making the proper selection in replacement windows. For example, triple pane windows are highly recommended for areas where there is extreme summer heat and freezing winters. This extra protection will provide a regulated inside temperature and a saving in your utility bills. Double pane windows are less expensive and are designed to provide excellent benefits for those who live in areas with milder climates. This assures you will get windows that are best suited for your situation.

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