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Should You Buy Single Pane Windows?

February 11, 2016
Should You Buy Single Pane Windows?

Today, we have a variety of different types of glass windows, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. People who buy single pane windows find they fit inside the original window frame and are easy to install.

It is interesting that archeologists have discovered window glass in ancient Roman Egypt ruins. Glass was also discovered in early Japan, Korea and China locations. While they were not the type of material used in today’s glass windows, they served the purpose of keeping out wind and rain. Many historic buildings have single pane windows, which must be replaced. In this case, the addition of the new energy efficient windows would not be appropriate. To assure protection of the original design, storm windows are usually added. Buildings such as sheds and garages that are not insulated are common areas where single pane windows are used. A number of things can determine if you purchase single pane windows for your home. First is to establish exactly how many windows you will need. Things such as condensation on the inside of the window, dried out glazing putty, loose jambs, peeling paint, drafts, rooms that are difficult to heat and windows that stick are just a few of the reasons replacements are necessary. Second is to compare the price of replacing single pane with energy-efficient double-paned windows.

Reasons to buy

Whether to buy single pane windows or new energy efficient ones, for your home, often depends on where they are to be placed, the number required and your budget. However, it is important to look at the overall picture. Double and triple pane windows have many advantages such as controlling temperature in a room and providing added security to the building. However, to realize their full potential it is important that the walls and attic of the home be insulated. If there is no insulation, heat will be lost and the energy saving windows will have little effect.

After the purchase

If you choose to purchase single pane windows there are things that can be done to assure the best return on your investment. These include weather stripping, storm windows and caulking. It is reported that weather stripping can increase the efficiency of a window as much as 50 percent. Your window company can advise which type is most efficient. Storm windows come in many types. They can fit on the inside of the window or the outside, depending on the style. Currently there is an interest in wood framed storm windows because wood transfers less heat than metal framed ones.

There is no question that installing double-paned energy efficient windows can result in a significant amount of saving in monthly utility bills. In addition to insulating against outdoor temperatures, they provide an excellent barrier against outside noise. For homes located near airports, train tracks or busy streets this can make a great deal of difference in personal comfort. The government also offers a tax rebate for installing these windows.

Entrust Windows Company can provide full details regarding single-pane, double-pane or triple-pane windows and help you determine which type best fits your situation.