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Storm Windows Houston

storm windows unitsStorm windows are an excellent addition to a Houston home or business and are designed especially to improve existing window insulation value. They can be mounted on the inside or outside of a regular glass window and can save up to 50% of heat loss. The Gulf of Mexico region and especially the Houston, Texas area can benefit greatly from storm replacement windows. With 600 miles of coastline, there are a lot of homes located in this area. This type of window protects their windows from salt damage when strong winds blow in off the gulf.

Benefits of Storm Windows

Storm windows are not only a protection against winds and/or storms that could break the glass but their insulation makes them energy efficient. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that, because these windows reduce air movement in and out of existing windows, they are significant in reducing heating and cooling costs.

Types of Materials

Materials used in storm window construction include a clear film designed for only one season, inexpensive plastic sheets or triple-glass units. The latter windows have low-emissivity coatings, provide better protection and last longer than other types. Plastic panels, glass or specially designed plastic sheets (with optical properties) are also available. Laminated glass or polycarbonate plastic windows are especially effective in resisting breakage from intruders or heavy storms.

Interior and exterior storm replacement windows are available. Interior models are popular because they require less upkeep and are easy to install and remove. They also seal better with the original window. In Houston, these are popular in two storied houses and apartments.

Pros and Cons

While glass pane types of storm replacement windows will offer longer life and more visibility, it is heavy and breaks easily. For people on a limited budget or those who live in apartments, plastics are the most economical. However, it must be remembered they are easy to damage.

Plastic panels of Plexiglas and/or acrylics are tough and light compared to glass ones. However, they are easy to scratch. Some will also become yellow over time. Reduced visibility and degrading can occur when they are exposed to sunlight over a long period.

storm windows outside viewConstruction

Storm window frame material will vary. Common materials used are vinyl, aluminum and wood. Each of these materials has different features that should be considered when making a purchase. Aluminum frames, for example, are lightweight, strong and virtually free of required maintenance. However, because they conduct heat they do not insulate well.

Vinyl frames are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with ultraviolet light stabilizers. These stabilizers are installed to prevent the frame from breaking down because of the sunlight.

Wood storm windows Houston are considered good insulators but will weather with age and can expand or contract as the weather changes. This will make them difficult to close. They also require a great deal of maintenance.


In order to have storm windows operate properly it is critical that they be hung correctly. This means hanging square to the basic window and correctly sealing it to the opening. It is essential that they be easy to move for ventilation and cleaning.

Storm windows that are exterior mounted have holes in the bottom of the frame. These holes allow moisture to drain out and prevent the primary window frame from rotting, which could require replacement.  Get your storm windows in Houston from Entrust Windows.