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One of the most exciting additions to today’s home design is triple pane windows. These windows are considered top-of-the-line, add an exciting detail to any home and increase its value by an exciting curb appeal. While they are more expensive than other types of windows, they are definitely designed for people who want a spectacular addition to their home in the Houston area.

Features of triple pane windows

Triple pane windows are divided into three parts. The middle pane of glass is surrounded by insulating gas or air on both sides. It has been found to be an excellent choice of homes that are located where there is intense heat or extreme cold weather. In homes that are properly insulated there will be a significant reduction in monthly utility bills because of the lowered amount of heating and cooling needed. In addition, there is a government tax rebate on the purchase of this type of energy saving window.

Whether doing major re-modeling or building a new home, installation of this type of window should be done by a reliable contractor. If the installation is not done correctly, the benefits of this type of window will be lost. Proper installation will include things such as sealing, flashing, glazing, framing and other things required to insure a secure fit. Incorporating your window design with the over-all whole-house design will result in a beautiful home and increase the value of the property.

Considerations for triple pane windows

A number of things need to be considered when considering a triple-pane window and glazing options. These include visual requirements (view, privacy), thermal comfort, acoustic control, energy requirements, sun control and shading. These will be included when you and the installer agree on the overall design.

Before purchasing triple pane windows in Houston, it is important to check their Energy Performance Rating. This can be done by checking ENERGY STAR’s Climate Zone Finder. ENERGY STAR is a government-sponsored program especially designed to test energy performance on windows and other energy-efficient products. If your windows have an ENERGY STAR label, you can be sure it has passed the highest test possible for energy efficiency.

Triple pane windows high performance is due to triple glazing, insulating gas sandwiched between panes, specialized transparent coatings, and special frames. Its glass is 0.125 inches thick, which is higher than most other windows. These qualities result in warmer window surfaces, less condensation, less air leakage and less heat loss.

It is now possible to choose frames that will fit in with the overall design of the home. Frames available include aluminum, wood, vinyl, steel, fiberglass or a combination of components. Fiberglass, vinyl and wood frames provide better insulation than metal. Some aluminum frames are specially designed with thermal breaks. These breaks reduce the heat flow and help retain heat in the room. A choice of colors is also available or you can paint the frames with a color to match the home’s overall design.

To encourage energy efficiency, the government has added federal incentives for people who install this type of window. Originally scheduled for cancellation in December of 2015, it has now been extended to December 2016. The maximum tax credit is $500.00.

There is no doubt that triple pane windows Houston will add beauty and value to a home. Entrust Windows Company will be happy to explain all the advantages of these windows as well as prepare an estimate of the costs.

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