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Why replacement windows costs more than windows from Home Depot or Lowe’s

February 22, 2016
Why replacement windows costs more than windows from Home Depot or Lowe’s

We get asked a lot about why replacement windows costs more than new windows from Home Depot or Lowe’s.  We will try to explain what other steps or activities that go into a replacement windows and having a windows company like Entrust Windows install it for you.

First, unless your house has standard size windows that Home Depot or Lowe’s carry you will need to make sure your windows can be purchased.  You will need to also measure it correctly because if you don’t you’re stuck with a windows or multiple windows that will not fit right and you could either ruin your carpentry work or damage the newly purchased windows and may not get a refund.

Second, unless you live in Houston, other cities like Bellaire, Texas and League City, Texas requires you to pull permits to do any remodeling on your house or if you make any additions to your home.  You could spend hours or days trying to get the right permits, taking time off of work, waiting for the inspection to pass and paying for all the fees associated with just the permitting task.  Is it worth your time and money?

In addition to the permitting aspect of the job, you will need to know any covenants in your community, historic or renewal districts, applicable federal, state and local building and energy codes in order to complete the job or get inspection.

Third, properly removing and safely disposing of the old windows and pay the disposal, landfill and or environmental fee.  And also to comply with all the protection and abatement rules contained in the EPA regulation; this is assuming you want to replace most of your windows in your house.

The reason for the difference in pricing of course depends on the other touch points the windows goes through from manufacturing to installation on an endusers house.  There’s also shipping, loading, crating, packaging, warehousing, inspection all before we can install it, plus installation by an experienced technician and lastly job clean up.

Finally, there’s the warranty of product and services. Yes, there’s a difference between the pricing of these windows depending on how you get it or who install it but if you work it out, it is safe to say, the windows don’t install themselves without effort.

At Entrust Windows, we strive to bring the best product and services at a price you can agree upon or gladly accept.  Our experience and reputation will put your at ease on whether or not having someone else install your windows is a good idea, because as far as our previous customers are concern, it is.