Entrust Windows


Window Terms

When you are replacing your windows in your home, you may get confused with all the window terms associated with replacement windows.  You can get comfortable with these terms here in order to make a more informed decision when you discuss windows with Entrust Windows.

  • Air Infiltration

    Air flow coming through the window around the sash, meeting rail or other places that allow air to infiltrate into the home.

  • Bay Windows

    A combination of three or more standard windows like that of a picture window, made up of a larger center unit and two side units at a 30, 45 or 90 degree angle to the wall to accomplish a larger shape.

  • Bow Windows

    Four or more window units in a radial formation like a bow made of composite and other materials.

  • Brick mold

    The outside casing around home windows used to cover jambs and where nails can be driven in to install the window.

  • Casing

    There are 2 types of casing.  The casing on the inside is flat, decorative molding and covers the inside edge of the jambs and the opening of between the wall and the window unit.  On the outside, the casing or sometimes brick molding covers the same way and but also serves to install the window unit by which nails are driven into to secure the unit to the wall.

  • Condensation

    Water or moisture that is formed on the glass or frame of a window and sometimes door.

  • Conduction

    Heat or cold energy transferring through the glass, frame or window unit.  This also affects doors and other structure in the home.