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Windows Houston

Window Replacement Houston

Entrust Windows provides replacement windows in Houston, Texas.  We carry vinyl, aluminum, wood-clad, composite, fiberglass windows in many styles including single, double and triple hung windows.  Also new lines of casement, slider, awning, bay and bow windows styles with high energy efficient ratings.  We guaranty our installation with lifetime on the windows and glass.

replacement windows interior

Replacement Windows

Entrust replacement windows are built on time-honored craftsmanship and a commitment to quality and innovation.  Backed by decades of manufacturing expertise, our windows are designed for the highest levels of performance, beauty and value.

single hung windows

Single Hung Windows


On single hung windows, the bottom sash slides upward, the top sash is fixed.  Option to tilt is available.

  • Low Cost
  • Low performance
  • Difficult to clean
  • Lack Energy Savings
double hung windows

Double Hung Windows


On double hung windows, both the bottom sash opens.  Option to tilt is available.

  • Good for small areas
  • Traditional style matching older homes
  • Convenient to clean
  • Sometimes they are difficult to open and close due to expansion
caement windows

Casement Windows


On casement windows, the hinge on the side opens outward.

  • Great ventilation
  • Easy to operate
  • Less air leakage
  • They protrude out and are a hazard to people walking into them.
awning windows

Awning Windows


On awning windows, the top is hinged and open outwards.  Mainly used in basement or high up to let air and light in.

  • Fit in small areas
  • Used for ventilation
  • Exterior is difficult to clean
slider windows

Slider Windows


On slider windows, one side slide open, whereas both sashes slide on double sliding windows.

  • Leaks air
  • Difficult to operate and clean
bay-bow windows

Bay and Bow Windows


On bay and bow windows, 3 or 4 windows are combined to extend the size of the windows.

  • Increases value of the home
  • Add space and focal point of an area
  • None

New Windows

New Construction Windows are precision-engineered for enduring beauty and performance. These classically styled windows offer a variety of design solutions to meet the ever-changing aesthetic, architectural and budgetary needs of the new construction professional.

Window Frame Materials

We carry most type of window frame materials for the best options when installing new windows for your home.

Wood Windows

Well constructed, wood window frames insulate well and can allow better air flow.  Comes in attractive wood finishes to match styling of your home. There more maintenance required for wood windows than other materials.

Aluminum Windows

These window frames are lightweight, strong, durable and easily forged into different shapes.  But they are less energy efficient than other types of window frames.  Not an insulator of heat or cold.

Vinyl Windows

Made from PVC with UV stabilizers to keep it strong.  They are low cost compare to other window materials and are virtually maintenance-free.

Composite Windows

Using different compounds for superior strength and durability, these types of windows are highly energy efficient.  Very versatile with color and finishes.


Insulated Glass Packages

For even greater energy savings, choose Revere windows with the BarrierXP® insulated glass package.  BarrierXP combines multi-layer low-emissivity (Low-E) glass and argon gas, along with the PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System, to achieve outstanding energy savings.  Many BarrierXP glass packages meet the latest ENERGY STAR® requirements.  Consult your window professional for the optimal glass package required for your home and climate area.


Portfolio Color Collection

Achieve the distinctive beauty of custom-crafted windows and patio doors without the maintenance.  Our innovative color collection lets you add rich hues and warm woodgrain finishes for a luxurious appearance – both inside and out.

Custom Options

Once you find the window that will meet your needs? It’s time to customize it. From the color of the frame to the type of glass your window will have, Entrust Windows can help install those perfect windows at a great price.

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