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Wood Clad Windows Houston

Whether it is for purely functional reasons, purely aesthetic concerns, or something in the middle, wood clad windows for window replacement are almost always a good idea. These wood windows can make your house look sharper on the inside and outside, provide better insulation, and give you that much-needed change you crave. Wood clad windows can make your house memorable, and in your search for wood clad windows Houston, you’re bound to find something you love.

So what are wood clad replacement windows for Houston? This is a rustic variety of window that is generally lined – on both the outside and inside – by wood. Because wood is a natural material, it can add a touch of sophistication to any window. Additionally, wood can be painted or stained to fit your chosen aesthetic. Maybe you want a deep walnut-stained outline around each window, or maybe you want a classic, lightly-colored pine. Alternatively, you can often get these windows in veneer, which resembles hardwood but is often much less expensive.

When you consider wood clad windows, it’s worth it to think a good bit about what goals you want to achieve. For instance, if you are after a more futuristic design for your home, these windows may not be the answer. However, they do fir nicely into most modern aesthetics. If possible, it can help to get sample frame pieces or use an app that shows what wood clad windows would look like on your house. When all else fails, checking out other people’s wood-clad window homes can help you identify the things you want, as well as the things you don’t want. Below are some advantages of wood-clad windows that can help the pondering homeowner decide whether getting these windows is worth the plunge.

wood clad windows productAdvantages of wood clad windows

  • An innovative design appeal. Obviously, with the design world reaching new heights of sophistication lately, design upgrades need to be memorable to attract favorable attention. Whether you are hoping to make your home warmly rustic or juxtapose old-school design with new-school fashion, this window design can help you out. Whether you want an authentic retro look or a subversive take on the intermingling of the old and new, these windows are worth considering.
  • A unique, eye-catching exterior. Maybe you want to one-up the neighbors, or ,maybe you’re trying to make a sale. Regardless, getting these wooden cad windows can help your home stand out in the ways that matter. The discerning homeowner knows that there’s a difference between standing out based on design and standing out based on kitsch. Buying a flock of lawn flamingos will make you stand out, but not in the distinguished way that getting wooden-lined windows will. Pick your effect – and if your effect is classy, chances are you’ll pick these windows.
  • A welcoming interior. Up until now, we’ve focused primarily on the benefits of these windows’ stunning outer appearance. However, we all know that a welcoming interior is incredibly important as well. Wooden interiors have long been associated with comfort (think about the cozy log cabin cliche). But if you aren’t eager to get your whole interior wood-paneled, then wooden windows are a great start. They add warmth and culture without being overwhelming.
  • A relatively inexpensive upgrade. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your home. Many are exorbitant. And while window upgrades can cost a lot, the cost pales in comparison to other major home overhauls. When you choose these windows, you’ll make your home look great while keeping your wallet pretty happy.